Direct Compression (DC) Minerals

Our Direct Compression (DC) qualities allow our customers to achieve cost savings in tabletting. The advantages of our Direct Compressible mineral salts (DC grades) are:

  1. Direct compression without wet granulation
  2. Superior flowability & compressibility
  3. Reduced dust formation
  4. Manufacturing of tablets with optimized hardness
  5. Good disintegration factor

Custom manufacturing of new DC-grade mineral salts is possible. At present, twelve different mineral salts based on Ca, Fe and Mg are available in a direct compressible quality:

Calcium Carbonate DC 90S

Calcium Carbonate DC 95S

Calcium Carbonate DC 90M

Calcium Carbonate DC 95M

Calcium Carbonate DC 97P

Tricalcium Citrate 4-hydrate DC

Ferrous Fumarate DC 90S

Magnesium Carbonate DC 90S/C

Magnesium Carbonate DC 90S/F

Trimagnesium Dicitrate 9-hydrate

Magnesium Hydroxide DC 90S

Magnesium Trisilicate DC 90S

Direct Compression (DC) Minerals is available in a variety of qualities. Please contact us for further details.